Pop up gazebo with sides marks an innovative approach to pop up gazebo design. Whether it’s an outdoor campaign in the sunny beach or a rainy day in the backyard garden, pop up gazebos with side panels provide an opportunity to feel it like home. Even though they are most suitable for the use in smaller parties, multiple gazebos can be assembled to create larger space. The specialty of this feature is that one can have close compartments with entrances through the side walls. These devices can be easily folded up and moved as the side panels are detachable. One can also try turning an ordinary gazebo to one with sides as most of the designs support the side panels to be installed later. Some manufacturers offer push button slider for easy setup of the gazebo.

These devices come up with four side panels, four to six legs and a roof. Sides are attached to the main structure using zips or Velcro. These are the fastening methods which make the side panels detachable. This means that they can be used as a regular gazebo by removing the sides, but when the need arises the sides can be assembled again. The use of Velcro is a newer trend in gazebo design. It’s a fastening system for attaching the side panels to the roof cover.
The Pop up gazebo legs are made up of wood, aluminum or steel. Wooden legs are not very suitable when the gazebo is frequently exposed to rain. Stainless steel legs are durable but they are heavier for easy transportation and assembly. Aluminum legs are lighter and can be installed easily. The gazebo legs are usually adjustable and telescopic in nature.

Gazebo fabric is made from polyester or PVC. Polyester with PVC lining on the inside will make it reasonably waterproof. But to attain a fully watertight compartment, walls and roof made entirely from PVC are required. PVC is a non-porous substance which makes it fully watertight.
Commercial gazebos are like full-featured tents used in larger events. They may have floors made entirely from wood. Some even come with air-conditioning system built into them.

Pop up gazebos with side panels offer great service when a closed space is required in a “not so harsh” weather. Despite the fact that they are not capable of resisting strong winds, they are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility and versatility.